Every day, millions of women throughout the world wonder if they are beautiful, smart, thin, sexy, happy, feminine, educated, caring, and capable enough… And this could go on and on. Maybe it’s high time for every one of us to accept ourselves. Just as we are.

Because each one of us is ENOUGH.


For the first birthday of the UNAWEZA foundation, we begin a special social initiative #iamenough #ISupportIDon’tJudge, thanks to which we want to change the lives of women for the better.


We women still have a lot to do when it comes to feeling our own worth. Even if we differ with the color of our skin, points of view and culture that we live in, this challenge is universal. I have learned from women at the edge of the world that self-acceptance is a choice. I am the best version of myself. I AM ENOUGH.


You can purchase shirts with the I AM ENOUGH slogan in the MARTYNA.WORLD store. By choosing the I BUY AND HELP option, part of the amount from your purchases will go to support the UNAWEZA foundation (and won’t mean you have to pay more!).

Photo: Marta Wojtal

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