“It was a very good year! We raise almost 1,400,000 zl for our mentees.

A year ago, on September 28, 2019, I made my big dream come true. I founded the UNAWEZA foundation. Ever since I can remember, after the broadcast of almost every episode of the program “WOMAN AT THE EDGE OF THE WORLD” on TVN, I asked myself the question, how can I support its heroines? What can all of us and me do? Over the years, with friends from the editorial office and thanks to the great commitment of people of good will, we organized spontaneous charity campaigns and in this way we tried to help. Until the time came when I decided it was time to spread my wings! And this is how the UNAWEZA Foundation was established,” says Martyna.

Today, the UNAWEZA Foundation helps women in the world and in Poland. Thanks to the support of many generous people, we provide our pupils with access to education, medical care and have made their dreams come true. WE GIVE WOMEN WINGS!


During the first year of our operations, we collected nearly PLN 1,400,000. With these funds, the foundation helped to finalize the construction of a home for Kabula and children with albinism in Tanzania led by the Association of African Missions and supports its daily functioning. In Mexico, we run projects aimed at pepenadoras women (garbage collectors), providing them with vocational training, as well as psychological and economic education so that they have the strength to break out of the vicious circle of life at the landfill, and we take care of their children, providing school kits and sports activities. In Poland, together with the Po DRUGIE foundation, we are building a Home for Teenage Moms and Their Children.

During holiday season, the UNAWEZA Foundation together with frisco.pl regularly holds the “In Buying You Help” campaign, thanks to which we donate funds to those in need. So far, over 47 thousand products with a total value of over 290,000 zl has gone to the residents of one of the largest homes for single mothers - in Łódź, named after Stanisława Leszczyńska; the Association for Women JUNONA; and the Po Drugie Foundation which deals with homeless youth.

In May, the Martyna.World store was launched. THIS IS A STORE THAT HELPS. Its clients, in choosing the "BUY AND HELP" option, pay exactly the same for a given product as for a standard purchase, but they donate some of this amount to the account of the UNAWEZA Foundation and help to help. Over PLN 42,000 has gone to the foundation from the sale of products and COFFEE FROM THE EDGE OF THE WORLD.

mala okladka_martyna.jpg

On the first birthday of the UNAWEZA Foundation, we are launching a special social campaign #iamenough #ISupportIDontJudge, thanks to which we want to change women's lives for the better. Every day, millions of women around the world wonder if they are beautiful enough, smart, slim, go-ahead, sexy, happy, feminine, educated, caring, resourceful… The list is endless. Maybe it is time for each of us to accept ourselves? The way we are. Because each of us is ENOUGH. We women still have a lot to do in terms of self-esteem. Even if we differ in skin color, views and the culture in which we live, this particular challenge is universal. I have learned from women at the edge of the world that self-acceptance is a matter of choice. I am the best version of myself. I AM ENOUGH. - ​​Martyna explains.


Referring to the motto of the Foundation GIVE WOMEN WINGS, a special birthday installation with huge wings was created in Hala Koszyki, which was prepared by an extraordinary artist from Koszalin Cukin. In this way we want to inspire women to boldly express themselves and their desires. We encourage every woman to take a picture of herself with our wings. Let us show that there are many of us, that we can do a lot for each other together, and instead of pulling each other down, let's pull each other up. Let's give each other wings! - Martyna encourages.

Anyone can support the activities of the UNAWEZA Foundation through one-off donations, periodic payments, auctions for the foundation's mentees or purchases at the MARTYNA.WORLD store, from which part of the income goes to the foundation.

Join the world of UNAWEZA.


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