We have our first Sponsor
The De Care Group has financed the first grant for our Paralympians. Welcome to the team which is making the world a better place.

The De Care Group is a leading product and distributor of food products characteristic for different corners of the world, such as Asia, both Americas and Europe. It has popular labels in its portfolio, such as: House of Asia, Casa de Mexico, Casa de Sur, QF, Yummity, Maille, Darbo, Mississippi, Mazzetti and many others. For nearly 35 years it has been inspiring Polish and non-Polish consumers to try new flavors and to experiment in the kitchen. It often takes part in local and country-wide projects supporting development, a healthy lifestyle and building up social relations.

We asked the board of the De Care Group why they had decided to support Polish Paralympians.

“In De Care we have always counted on teamwork and we believe that it will make it possible for us to achieve more. Every employee of our company can count on help and will never be left alone—this has a positive influence on their work but also on an authentic feeling of belonging. We want to spread this philosophy of action outside the organization as a manifestation of how we are fulfilling our mission of responsible development. For many years we have been involved in the activity of charities and aid institutions, such as The Goodwill Center Sihanoukville, which supports Cambodian children starting their adult lives, and Kiva Loans, whose mission is to ameliorate poverty by making attractive loans available. Our next step is to support Polish Paralympians who battle adversity every day to achieve incredible successes. It’s a pleasure for us to do everything in our power to help them achieve even more.”


W celu świadczenia usług na najwyższym poziomie stosujemy pliki cookies. Korzystanie z naszej witryny oznacza, że będą one zamieszczane w Państwa urządzeniu. W każdym momencie można dokonać zmiany ustawień Państwa przeglądarki.