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42,294 z 1,000,000 zł


A child is abandoned in Poland every ten hours. Around 800 babies are left behind in Polish hospitals every year.

The ones who are taken in by interventional pre-adoption centres are those who need specialist care and they can’t be placed with a foster family while they’re waiting to be adopted. There are only three centres like this in Poland. They each have the capacity to take in 20 children and, as you can see, much more is needed.

This is why the UNAWEZA Foundation, as a partner to the Świetlikowo Silesian Children’s Hospice Foundation, is raising funds to create the TUSIETULI Pre-Adoption Centre in Tychy. At the first stage of the investment we need 1,000,000 zloty.

Babies will be arriving here whose biological parents can’t or don’t want to look after them. We are preparing beautifully decorated rooms for them and they will all have a rocking chair for a nanny who will act as a surrogate and hug those little ones who need that so much. In order to develop better, to keep up with their peers, they will train in a sensory integration room and in a rehabilitation room. All the little ones will be carefully watched by a qualified team all the time because some of them are ill. It will be cosy, not clinical!

The TUSIETULI home will take in babies (from birth to their first birthday) in urgent crisis situations who are temporarily or permanently without parental care. These will be both healthy and sick children, most often those left in the “Window of Life” drop-off points or those left in hospitals, both in the Silesian Voivodeship and across the whole of Poland.

The purpose of this centre will be to quickly provide the children with a family. Not only will standard care be provided—a full diagnosis of their health status will be ensured, as will medical care and, when needed, rehabilitation.

Let’s create a safe and cosy nest for children whose wings have been clipped by fate at the start of their journey.

Let’s take them under our wings before they find new family nests full of love.

By changing the life of one person, you are changing the whole world!



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